The Starry Wolves/寰宇星狼


tsw-postcard《The Starry Wolves》is an original fantasy creation which combines art, music with novel. Created by the artist Zilven, I helped with illustrations and editing, Xiao Xiang was in charge of novel, and we invited Mei and FoxAmoore to compose for the story. It was collaborated by multiple members, spending 4 years published 4 books, 4 albums and series of products.
We transformed the planets of the Solar System into wolves and giving them a whole new story. The idea based on a fact – Pluto was struck off  the solar system by IAU in 2006. We used our own view to rewrote this event, portraying Pluto’s weathers and actions. Characters images and designing ideas are partially based on Greek/Roman mythology and the appearance of the planet it represents. More original creations were expanded from these ideas.

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Anthro Venus 1024px《寰宇星狼》是一部結合插畫、音樂、小說的奇幻動物原創作品。由繪師十二嵐發想、我協力繪製插畫與編輯、瀟湘改編撰寫小說、並前後邀請羊咩、FoxAmoore作曲,為一部多人共同創作的系列作品。歷時四年已發行了四本刊物、四張專輯、以及多樣周邊商品。




審判     final-poster     黑洞

final scene-original-s     沃希利卡

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