Do you accept Requests? / 我可以請你免費畫圖給我嗎?
NO, I do NOT do free requests, sorry! Since the pizza doesn’t fall from the sky itself.

抱歉, 我不接受免費要圖的要求, 畢竟天下沒有白吃的午餐

Then do you accept Art Trades? / 那你可以跟我交換繪嗎?
YES, I may accept art trades sometimes, but it depends on the time I have and the art level of the trader.Therefore if I reject you, please don’t be angry or disappointed.
If I accept the trade, please finish your part for me first, because there are some people got my trades but never finish their part.

可以, 我有時候會接受交換, 但要根據我的時間以及對方的作畫水準.
所以如果我拒絕你, 請不要生氣或失望. 如果我接受交換, 也請你必須先畫給我, 因為過去我常常收不到對方的交換圖.

What kind of programs do you use for drawing? / 你都用什麼軟體畫圖呢?
Mostly SAI, sometimes Photoshop.

大部分是SAI, 有時候用Photoshop

May I use your artwork for….? / 我可以把你的圖用在….?
# Personal use? (like desktop backgrounds, prints, etc.)
YES, at least you won’t claim that is your art, then you can use my art for personal things only.

# Commercial use? (reselling, making copies)
NO, at any rate.

# Avatars / Roleplays?
NO, first please ask which character! The characters in my arts all belong to somebody, you can’t just take a pic of another’s character and claim that it’s you.

# Learning how to draw
YES, it’s ok for me if you want to use my pics as reference. But please – if you upload such pictures, give credit (ex:original art by J.C.)!

# 私人用途? (例如桌面, 輸出觀賞, 等等.)
可以, 只要你不要聲稱這是自己的作品, 你可以使用我的圖在私人用途上.

# 商業用途? (販賣, 多量輸出.複製 等等)
不行, 無論如何都不行, 這是犯法的.

# 用於網路上的頭像 / 當作自己的角色?
不行, 所有我的作品中的角色都是別人創造的, 你不能隨便拿一張別人角色的圖就當做是你自己的.
這是非常沒有禮貌, 不尊重原創者的行為.

# 學習畫圖?
可以, 如果你想用我的圖當畫圖參考是可以的. 但請記得 – 如果你要公開這些練習, 請註明原圖來自J.C. 並附上原圖連結.

May I use your characters for Roleplay? / 我可以用你的角色或自畫像當做自己的角色嗎?
NO, at any rate.

不行, 無論如何都不行.

Do you have a tutorial? Can you teach me how to draw? / 你有製作繪圖教學嗎? 可以教我畫畫嗎?
No, I don’t have a tutorial. I still think myself a student, not a teacher, sorry. But I have some drawing progress films on my Youtube.

抱歉我沒有製作教學, 我自認自己還在學習, 不是個老師. 不過我偶爾會把繪圖過程錄影下來放在我的Youtube頻道.

What should I do if I see someone use or repost your arts without permission? / 如果我看到有人盜用你的圖該怎麼辦?
Please notify me right away, I’ll be appreciate.

請盡快通知我, 我會非常感激.

How did you get the alias? What does it mean? / 你的名字是怎麼來的? 代表什麼意思?
“J.C.” stands for “cheeky cat” in Chinese(JianMao), I got this nickname in Junior high school. I just picked the initial letters of “Jian” and “cat”, that became “J.C.” .

“J.C.” 是我國中的外號–“賤貓” 的英文縮寫. 我取”賤”的拼音發音J, 跟貓的英文-“cat”的C, 組合為 “J.C.” .

You owe me a picture, but I haven’t heard anything, why? / 你欠我一張圖很久了, 我都沒收到回應, 為什麼?
I don’t owe someone pics very often, I always finish my part as soon as possible. But if I really did, please email me to check, maybe I was just very busy at that time.

我通常不會欠別人圖, 我會盡力在時間內把圖畫完. 但如果我真的有欠你, 也許是我太忙了忘記通知你, 請直接來信跟我連絡.

Would you like to chat with me? / Can we be friends? / 你可以跟我聊天嗎? / 我們可以當朋友嗎?
Feel free to email me. I don’t bite. But I’m not a talkative person and my English isn’t well, so please don’t expect that we could be friends easily.

歡迎寫信給我, 我不咬人. 但我是個慢熟, 不健談的人, 所以可能需要長時間的經營才有機會成為朋友.

Do you have Skype. LINE or any online chat account? / 你有Skype. LINE或其他聊天軟體帳號嗎?
I have, but that’s for friends only. I really don’t have time to chat with random people.

我有, 只是通常以跟朋友來往為主, 我不太擅長與不熟的人閒聊.

I’ve written you an email long ago. Why don’t you answer? / 我很久以前寫過信給你. 但為什麼你不回信呢?
I try to answer my mails quickly. But sometimes there was nothing to answer in your mail.
I will answer your mails if there is a question or you want to know something. But I can’t answer all chit-chat emails or something very private, sorry.

我總會很快的回信. 但有時候信裡面沒有什麼我能回應的.
如果信中有問題或想跟我討論什麼, 我很樂意回應. 如果是閒聊或是太私人的話題我可能就不知道要回什麼了, 抱歉.