jc57 J.C. / Taiwanese / Cat / Gemini / AB type

Birthday  — June.05. / 六月五號.

Location — Taipei,Taiwan. / 台灣, 台北.

Love — Animals, Drawing, Singing, Movies, Games, Black tea, Egg, Curry. / 動物, 畫畫, 唱歌, 電影, 電玩遊戲, 紅茶, 蛋, 咖哩.

Hate — Smokers, Spoiled brat, Spicy food, Milk, Bitter gourd, Monkey. / 吸煙者, 小屁孩, 辣的料理, 牛奶, 苦瓜, 猴子.

Personality — Optimistic, Frank, Calm, Social awkwardness. / 樂觀, 直率, 冷靜, 不善社交.

Occupation — Freelancer / 接案插畫家


I’ve found my passion for drawing animals when I was a kid. In 2000, I started to try digital painting and posted my art online. It led me to discover other animal lovers all over the world. Then more and more people in the fandom noticed me, I also had found some forums and social groups. After graduated from FineArts major of college, I’ve been an artist in PC game companies for years. But in the end, I realized drawing animals is still my favorite job. I also love to have freely working time. Therefore I chose to back to the fandom and put in all my passion, being a happy freelancer.