Regular Commissions are currently


For any new commission slots or sepcial style commissions, please keep an eye on my Twitter and FA journal. 


Cell shading style

USD 90 

A4 paper size / 300 dpi

USD 90 / one character / no background or just a random color with texture
+USD 80↑ for each extra character
+USD 20↑ for background
USD 25 / Avatar only
USD 50 / Badge only

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Semi-realistic style

USD 100 

A4 paper size / 300 dpi

USD 100 / one character / no background or just a random color with texture
+USD 90↑ for each extra character
+USD 20↑ for background
USD 30 / Avatar only
USD 60 / Badge only

Character Model Sheet 

USD 100 

4000 x 4000 pixels

USD 100 / 2 full body views or 1 full body+ 2 close shots / Including text descriptions and background design
+USD 50 for one full body
+USD 25 for one close shots or accessories
+USD 60↑ for character designing by artist

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Tattoo Design

USD 50 

4000 x 4000 pixels

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Terms of Service

By commissioning me The Client agrees to the terms and gives full consent to follow them.

  • Accept Paypal only, I’ll ask Paypal transaction to be included in the payment. (4.4% + $0.30 USD).
  • I accepting any ratings, but if the commission is rated PG13 or above, there will be an additional 20% surcharge added to the final commission fee.
  • I will charge extra fee if I have difficult to draw something, like weapons/ machines/ armors/ buildings/ transportations …ect.
  • All the commissions will be send as digital files with printable version. (PNG or JPG file) If The Client wants a specific size, please tell me the width and height in the commission details. (use centimeter please)
  • I usually don’t accept commission that has a dead line, I will finish the work within one week when I start it. However if The Client really wants to receive the work before a specific date, please try to commission me at least one month in advance, also I may charge extra fee depends on the time.
  • The Client could pay additional 10% surcharge for asking PSD original file (including layers) of the commission. Please be sure to request it when filling the commission form.
  • Commissions are for personal collection only. The Client has rights to display the commission, it can be posted on webpages, avatars, signatures, desktops, private prints, creating personal merchandises, gifts for others…ect. Be sure to add my credit when publish the commission. Reselling or any other economic actions are NOT allowed. The copyright belongs to J.C. ,and the characters in the art belong to the creators.
  • The Client can NOT alter the commission, use any element of the image in other creations, or ask others to re-draw it without my permission.
  • I retains ALL the rights to the commission, including the right to post/ make prints and merchandise, use the similar pose/ideas from it to create new art, and to alter the commission to make it more generic for print. The Client could added extra fee to have full Image rights by negotiation.
  • I have rights to reject the commission for any reason. However once I accept it and receive full payment, the commission could not be canceled nor refunded.

Important Notes

  • By previous experiences, I have difficult to work on some commissions that the character design or the theme doesn’t really fit my style. It cause me spending too much time and the result was not good either. Therefore I decide to only take commissions if the characters design and theme/details interests me. That means it’s not “first come first service”. The Client needs to email me the commission form first, if I have feeling to the characters and the commission ideas, I will accept it and give a quote. Please don’t be upset if I didn’t take your commission, it doesn’t mean your character isn’t good or anything, it’s just me don’t have enough skill to draw your commission idea.

If you are not sure I will accept your commission or not, here are some keywords to help.

What I enjoy to draw–

=All kinds of animals/ferals, anthros.
=Fantasy creatures.
=Simple designed characters.
=Simple suits or nude.
=Characters have clearly model sheet.
=Nature scenes.


What I may have difficult to draw or not really interested in–
=Any man-made complex stuff, like weapons/ machines/ armors/ buildings…ect.
=Very complex designed characters.

  (You can check my box-ed avatars commissions to get an idea of my range. )
=Characters have too many accessories or complex clothes.
=Characters have unclear ref arts that I can’t sure what the features are.
=Copyright characters.
=Asking me to draw the SAME pose as others arts.
=Hard core sex, like group sex/rope/watersport/tools using…ect.


What I will not to draw for any reason–

=Human or any creature has human face or skin.
=Real life animals/anthros/furry fans hate or abusing. (Stories are not limited)

  • English is not my first language, so sending me reference pictures always better than writing a detailed description to me. I may not read a long description but choose to reject your commission, because reading took me a lot of time and I may also misunderstand something. Please do not use the words you think that I am supposed to know. Please use STANDARD ENGLISH and punctuation.
  • I try hard to keep my artworks original, but I can’t make sure every character or detail that The Client asks are not violate copyright. If my commission works have any copyright violated, The Client has to be responsible for it, not me.
  • I accept fanart commissions, but I may only accept what I’m good at, like TheLionKing, Balto, WolfRain…ect . If the commission gets any copyright issues, I will NOT responsible for it but The Client should.

Commission Process

  • Please EMAIL me to [ jcintw at ], be sure to include “commission” in the mail title.
    Please fill out this form to let me know your commission details:

    Client name:
    Your FA/DA/Twitter account:

    Paypal account:

    Character name:
    Commission type: (Avatar/ Badge/ Illustration/ Tattoo design/ Model sheet/ Acrylic or Wood tag)
    Character ref pics: (Please give me good detailed pics, or I may draw your chars incorrect. If you don’t have good reference pics, please add a simple description of your char.)
    Rate: (General/Adult)
    Theme/ pose/ facial expression or any ideas: (Try to use keywords or ref pics rather than a long, detailed description. Giving me artist freedom is always welcome.)
    Background ideas: (Try to use keywords or ref pics rather than a long, detailed description)

    Other needs: (ex: special size/ PSD file request/ publish it after a specific date…ect)

    Extra info for model sheet commission–
    Pose/angle for full body views:
    Facial expression for head close shots: (fill “none” if you don’t need)
    Extra close shots: (EX: tattoos, scars, weapons…ect, fill “none” if you don’t need)
    Character data or description: (fill “none” if you don’t need)

I will reply your mail to let you know if I accept your commission or not. If I do, I will add you in my working list after you confirm the total price. If I can’t accept it, I will let you know the reason, and you can still try to change the details if there are slots left.

  • I usually reply emails within 1 to 3 working days, if I failed to respond your email more than 7 days, please try resend it. If you still don’t get any response, please use FA note or Twitter message to contact with me.
  • You can always try to email me when the commissions are open, there is no time limited. Once the slots are full, I will close it and will reopen again when I finish them.
  • Since I need to make sure you’re a trustworthy client, I will ask the payment to be finished before I start to draw anything. Please don’t worry if I will not draw your commission. I take this business for over 10 years but never take money to draw nothing, or never return the money for the reason like art blank.
  • You can cancel your commission requirement at anytime before the payment. After complete the payment, you can change some details before I sketch. But if the changes cause the cheaper price, I won’t refund the payment.
  • Once I receive the full payment, I will work on it and send you WORK IN PROGRESS pictures as soon as possible. Please always check your email for the WIPs and give feedback to help me continue the commission work. If I don’t receive any response from you over one month after the latest contact, you will be removed from my list automatically and I won’t refund. If you back to contact with me again, I will put you back in the last slot in my current round of commission.
  • There are usually 3 stages of WIPs: rough sketch, detailed sketch + simple coloring , and the final finished art. You could ask big changes at the sketch stage, and minute fixings at the other 2 stages. Please try to ask all the fixings at once to save our time, if you ask over 4 times about fixing during the commission period, I have to ask extra fee for overtime working.
  • After the final stage was confirmed, I will send you the official finished commission work and a smaller size with watermarks for web uploading. A commission period will close and hope we all have a happy deal.
  • If you are happy with my service and back to commission me again, you will be a return client. Return client could finish payment after confirm the rough sketch, and I usually won’t reject return clients even the commission is close.
  • If I may delay your commission, I will try to let you know. However I try my best to keep all my works done on time, so please don’t worry too much about my progress or keep asking an update. Please don’t rush me, it won’t make any good to your commission.
  • My working list only means “who commission” and “what I’m working on”. It doesn’t mean the order of priority. l only draw what I have mood to draw at that time.
  • If you are on my working list and you’ve been waiting for 3 or more months, please check my journal or email me to see if I was delay by something. If I do delay your commission, please understand that life can’t be controlled always, and I also need a rest sometimes. XP